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प्रमुख ,सीएसआईआर-एचआरडीजी

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डॉ. (श्रीमती) गीता वाणी रायसम
प्रमुख सीएसआईआर - एचआरडीजी

Dr.(Mrs.) Geetha Vani Rayasam, has vast experience in academia, industry, Government of India and abroad. She is a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from IISc Bangalore and has post-doctoral experience in IGBMC, France and at the NIH, USA.

She has worked in Industries such as Ranbaxy (Daiichi-Sankyo) and SMART ANALYST in areas of new drug discovery and development. She has been at CSIR for more than a decade in a variety of roles ranging from the Open Source Drug Discovery Program to Heading Business Development and Industry Alliance at CSIR-IGIB. More recently she was heading the Science Communication and Dissemination Directorate (SCDD) at CSIR HQ.