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Terms and Conditions of the offer

1. General

a) Candidates should hold Indian citizenship.

b) They should not be over 40 years of age on the date of receipt of application in CSIR.

c) They should be unemployed on the date of application. Research Fellows, Research Associates, and Senior Resident in Hospitals may, however, apply provisionally.

d) They should hold the minimum qualifications prescribed hereunder.



S.noSubject/AreaMinimum qualifications
IAgricultural SciencesPh.D. Followed by two (2) years of research/teaching experience.
IIChemical Sciences-do–
IIIEarth, Atmospheric, Ocean, and Planetary Sciences-do–
IVLife Sciences-do–
VMaterials Sciences-do–
VIMathematics, Statistics, Operations Research and Computer Science-do–
VIIPhysical Sciences-do–
VIIIPharmaceutical/ Veterinary SciencesFresh Ph.D. or thesis submitted in Pharmaceutics/Veterinary Sciences.
IXEngineering SciencesFresh Ph.D. or thesis submitted in Engineering/ Technology.




Medical Sciences

MD/MS/MDS or equivalent degree followed by two  years Residency in Hospital, or equivalent experience, or research experience , or higher degrees.

2. Acceptance and Validity

Selected candidates will be sent the offer of appointment containing the terms and conditions which are binding on them. The candidate must send his/her formal acceptance in Form-1(a) duly signed by him/her within three months from the date of issue of the offer letter, as a token of acceptance. The offer remains valid for one year from the date of issue of the offer if acceptance is received within three months. The validity of the offer cannot be extended beyond one year under any circumstances. The Form-1(a) conveying acceptance should be accompanied by the duly completed certificate of 'Oath of Allegiance/Unemployment' (Form-1(b))

3. Pay

The basic  pay  fixed  is  final  for  the  entire  tenure  of  Senior  Research Associateship.   No revision thereof is possible.   Annual increments are not provided  during  the  tenure. The  monthly  salary  of  a Senior  Research Associate (SRA) is credited directy  into  his / her  bank  account  under Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme .

4. Placement and Joining Reports

a) Except indicated otherwise, the selected candidates should secure placement on his/her own in a suitable institution, and send the concurrence in writing, of the Head of the Institution, soon after acceptance of offer of appointment.  If the offer of appointment specifies the institution of placement, it is obligatory on the part of the candidate to join the same. Placement in private organizations,   including  private   hospitals   and   clinics,   is   not   allowed. Placement in charitable institutions, however, is considered on merits. Soon after   joining,   the   candidate   should   send   the   joining  report  in original (triplicate) to HRDG, CSIR (Form-2).

b) The primary duty of a Senior Research Associate is to carry out Research. In addition, he/she may do teaching and scientific/professional work related to his/her area. The Head of the institution of placement is the controlling authority for  administrative  and  routine  matters,  including discipline concerning the Senior Research Associate. The Senior Research Associate is to devote his/her full time to work on the approved research project. He/she is not allowed any kind of private practice, and he/she shall neither undertake further studies nor register for obtaining higher degree.

5. Tenure

a) The total  tenure  as  Senior  Research  Associate  is  fixed  for  three  years including tenure availed earlier, if any, and no extension is permitted beyond this period. Year to year continuance/extension within the tenure is granted on the basis of assessment of work done by the Senior Research Associate. The order for continuance or otherwise is issued by the HRDG, CSIR after considering the  yearly progress report in Form-3  and confidential report in Form-4 duly supported by a detailed work report and publications in the form of reprints/preprints/copies of papers accepted or communicated for publication, duly acknowledging the support of CSIR.

Completed Form-3 & 4 should be submitted to HRDG, CSIR about 2 months in advance of the completion of each year.   If the forms are not received by the due date of extension, it is presumed that the incumbent is no longer interested   in   continuing   and   therefore   ceases   to   be  a  Senior Research Associate.

A Senior Research Associate is expected to seek regular employment during his/her tenure and is to resign from the Senior Research Associateship on obtaining employment, or leave the Senior Research Associateship on completion of his/her tenure, whichever is earlier.


b) The guidelines  with  respect  to  commercial  exploitation  of  the  result  and ownership   of   patent  rights   pertaining   to   investigations   concerning   the intellectual work of the CSIR Senior Research Associate will be as follows:

i) Public funded educational/research institution, to which SRA is associated, may seek patent right at their own cost and/or commercial exploitation of the results of the investigation concerning the Intellectual work of the SRA and all right would vest exclusively with the Institution concerned. All matters concerning ownership of IP and its licensing/exploitation would be governed by the IP policy of the concerned institutions.

ii) In case an institution, to which an SRA is associated, is not in a position to seek patent rights and/or commercial exploitation of the results of the investigation concerning the intellectual work of the SRA, CSIR at its own cost may seek the   patent   rights   and/or   commercial   exploitation   of  the  results  of  the intellectual work of the SRA and all rights would vest exclusively with CSIR.

6. Transfer of Senior Research Associateship

Normally Senior  Research  Associates  are  not  allowed  to  change  their institutes/organizations  except on  compelling  circumstances  for  which  the SRAs should submit their request for transfer with proper justifications and reasons   through   Head   of   the   Department/Institute   along   with   a   “No objection”  Certificate  from  the  Head  of  Department  of  the Institute/Organization   from   where  transfer   is   sought   and   where   to   be transferred.  No TA will be permissible in such cases. Transfer is not allowed in the last one year of the tenure of SRAship under any circumstances.

7. Contingent Grant

A contingent grant of Rs.40,000/- per financial year will be reimbursed  to SRAs account  as per laid guidelines. Reimbursement claim form at Annexure-VIII.

8. Medical Facilities

Senior Research Associates are entitled to receive medical reimbursement as applicable to employees of CSIR, except  in Delhi and certain other cities, where CGHS facilities are made available to them.

9. Leave

Senior Research Associates are allowed to avail 8 days of Casual leave and two restricted holidays in a calendar year. Earned leave at the rate of 2.5 days per  month  is  also  allowed. They  are  entitled  to Extra-ordinary  Leave (Without Pay) for a maximum period of 90 days. For medical purposes, extra-ordinary leave of longer duration, but not exceeding the tenure, may be granted as per rules on production of a medical certificate from the authorized Medical Officer. Woman Senior Research Associate can avail of Maternity Leave for 180 days. Male SRAs with less than two surviving children are eligible  for  Paternity  Leave  for  15  days during  wife's confinement as  per rules. A declaration stating that she has less than two surviving children at the time of submitting the application for Maternity Leave, along with medical certificate, is necessary.  Leave for Medical termination of pregnancy can also be availed of as per leave rules applicable to CSIR employees. A fitness certificate should be submitted at the time of resuming duty.  No summer or winter vacations are allowed. Only casual leave or earned leave, whichever is due, will be granted for attending interviews in India. The period of any leave availed of is treated as a part of the tenure of Senior Research Associateship.

10. Encashment of Earned Leave

Senior Research Associates are also entitled to encashment of earned leave as per the following rules. It is granted after receipt of all his/her relieving documents. If he/she leaves on completion of tenure, he/she is granted encashment of unutilized balance of earned leave, in full.  Otherwise, he/she is granted encashment of half of the unutilized balance of earned leave.  They should claim the encashment of earned leave in Form-17 directly to Section Officer, CSIR along with  E.L. Certificate duly signed by his/her Head of the Department  and  his/her  administrative  authority  specifying  the  spells  of leave(s) availed by him/her, if any.

Head of the Department are authorized to sanction only casual  leave, restricted  holiday, and earned leave,  maternity leave to female  SRAs  & paternity leave  to  male  SRAs  under  intimation to CSIR.  Heads  of  the Departments have to maintain proper leave account which is to be furnished to HRDG, CSIR, at the time of submission of the Senior Research Associate’s Annual Progress and Confidential Reports each year.

Extra ordinary leave (Leave without pay), leave on secondment basis, and earned  leave,  will be  sanctioned  by  HRDG,  CSIR,  on  receiving  duly forwarded application.

11. Secondment Leave

Senior Research Associates are allowed, on request, leave without pay for a maximum period  of  one year, to  enable  them  to  join  adhoc  or  purely temporary assignments in approved institutions on secondment basis during their tenure. The leave on secondment basis is also sanctioned for (i) prestigious fellowship (ii) fellowship obtained through all India competition and /or through Central Govt. Agencies (iii) case to case basis.  However, the secondment  period  is  treated  as  part  of  the  Senior  Research Associate's tenure. The normal procedure should be followed for grant of continuation as a Senior Research Associate even during the secondment period.

12. End of Tenure

a) The tenure of a Senior Research Associate will end when

i) the incumbent resigns on securing a job or for other reason.

ii) his/her services are terminated for indiscipline under conduct rules, or  for  unsatisfactory  performance as  evidenced  by annual progress reports.

iii) the sanctioned tenure comes to an end.


b) At the time of leaving either on expiry of the tenure or on submission of resignation  before  that,   a  Senior Research   Associate  must  provide  the following information/documents to HRDG, CSIR through the Head of the Department where attached and obtain a relieving order from HRDG, CSIR.

i) The expected  date  of  leaving  and  reasons  thereof,  when leaving before expiry of the tenure.
ii) The details of his/her new job.
iii) Detailed final report about his/her work with an ABSTRACT of 500 words (duly approved by the guide/supervisor) of the entire research carried out during the

iv) List of publications during the SRA tenure.
 v) A Charge Relinquishing Certificate (Form-5) and No dues certificate (Form-6), duly countersigned by the Head of the Department.


c) Senior Research  Associates  must  settle  their  claims  within  one  year  of leaving.    No claims will be admitted by CSIR after one year of leaving the Senior Research Associateship.

d) Ex-Senior Research Associates may write to CSIR at least once a year, giving details of their jobs and activities.

e) Selection or working as a Senior Research Associate does not imply any assurance or guarantee of subsequent absorption in CSIR or in any of its laboratories.

f) Service under the Senior Research Associateship (Scientist's  Pool Schemes) is purely temporary and does not count for pension or other service benefits  in  CSIR,  or  under  Central  Government,  or State  Government,  or Public Sector Undertakings.

13. Address for correspondence:

Head, Human Resource Development Group,
CSIR Complex, Library Avenue,
Pusa, New Delhi-110 012.


Annexure-1 : Guidelines for the utilization of the Contingent Grant.
Annexure-2 : Guidelines to the institutions.




  1. The Forms downloaded from   our website (www.csirhrdg.res.in) and  sent to CSIR should  be complete in all  respect; no  column should be left blank or marked with dashes.    To avoid delays, all the relevant information should be duly provided.


  1. The information/guidelines/instructions contained in this website supersede all the previous ones.  In all matters related to Senior Research Associateship (Scientists’ Pool Scheme), decision of CSIR will be final.



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