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MS Teams Meeting Link


To Virtually Connect CSIR-HRDG Help Desk Through
Microsoft Teams meeting (weekdays 10:00-17:00 hrs.)
Click here

Instructions to Research Fellows on 

How to Join Helpdesk EMR, through Video Link using MS Team

1. User can click on the video link given on the right hand side to connect to Helpdesk EMR through video link.
2. User can join the link either through browser or through MS Team App installed on the user device (Desktop/Mobile/Tablet).
3. Installation of MS Team App on Desktop/Mobile/Tablet in not necessary, but if already installed, then user can join using either browser or the App.
4. User will be admitted to the meeting link  immediately, if there is no previous user in conversation with helpdesk.
5. If previous user is already in conversation with helpdesk, the new user will be placed in queue.
6. New user has to wait in queue, unless the previous user has finished his task and he is disconnected.
7. Waiting time will depend on how many users are already in queue and how much time each user takes to get his/her problem resolved by the helpdesk.