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Additional Charge of Head, CSIR-HRDG taken over by Dr Sanjay Kumar, Director CSIR -IHBT on 23 March 2018 2018-09-14
Allocation of Exam Duties 2019-03-19
The follow up action regarding the assurances given by the CSIR Hqrs. to the Second Sub Committee of the Committee of Parliament on Official language at the time of its Inspection of CSIR Hqrs on 31.01.2011 2019-03-19
Approval for Emeritus Scientists to incur telephone/broadband charges upto a sealing of Rs600/-pm 2019-03-19
Designated Officials for RTI 2019-03-19
Regarding Transparency and Nodal Officers 2019-03-19
Return of Special Passes issued by the PM-Security/Function Cell 2019-03-19
CSIR-Industry Sponsored Research Fellowship Scheme 2019-03-19
Revised JRF-GATE Scheme 2019-03-19
Enhancement of Stipend in respect of "CSIR Diamond Jubilee Research Interns" 2019-03-19
Appointment of Nodal Officer to deal with Parliament Questions 2019-03-20
Official Language Implementation Committee - Minutes of Meeting 2019-03-20
Implementation of 7CPC in CSIR-HRDG, CSIR Complex 2019-03-20
Extension of tenure of AMAs for CSIR Complex Employees(308kb,pdf) 2021-01-08
Joining of Ms Krishna Kaushika (OM,Hrdg-admin,492kb,pdf) 2021-03-28
Joining of Dr Deepak Sharma (OM,Hrdg-admin,127kb,pdf) 2021-03-28